Of MacBooks & Starbucks

For years, I have noticed a peculiar relationship between MacBooks and Starbucks cafes. More specifically, people sitting at Starbucks and pretending to work on their MacBooks.

Macbook in Starbucks
Woman multitasking on Macbook and iPad

Basically, a vast majority of people sitting at Starbucks have Apple MacBooks. These people sit at Starbucks for hours with their MacBooks and pretend to work on them. I don’t understand what it is about Starbucks that attracts such people. And this is not limited to a specific country. I have seen this across multiple continents.

Macbook in Starbucks
Guy pretending to work on Macbook

Almost all of these people are just sitting there with their MacBook open in front of them and pretending to work. I have hardly seen any of them doing any actual work; instead they are actually talking/doomscrolling on their phones. They buy a drink and sit there for hours. It is especially infuriating when you can’t find a place to sit and you see such people without any beverages just sitting there.

Macbook in Starbucks
Group of people pretending to work on Macbooks

More peculiarly, I have seen this only at Starbucks, not at other cafes or cafe chains. I wonder what the people with more pedestrian laptops feel and which cafes they go to.

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6 thoughts on “Of MacBooks & Starbucks”

  1. My wife works for a small Mumbai based company and is the only employee in Bangalore. Her boss bought a refurbished macbook just out of complex because he saw her using her personal mac on her initial few meetings when office laptop had not been delivered yet. He also prefers to have such client meetings only in Starbucks.

  2. The observation about MacBooks and Starbucks is quite intriguing and reflective of a broader cultural phenomenon. Your keen eye for detail and humor in describing this “MacBook at Starbucks” trend adds a light-hearted yet thought-provoking touch to your blog. It’s interesting to ponder the reasons behind this unique association and how it transcends geographical boundaries. Keep exploring such societal nuances; it makes for engaging and relatable content!

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