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Ever since I moved to Bangkok, I have avoided buying new plants, because I always assumed that this was a temporary arrangement. I bought 1 Palm but that’s it. As it has become more clear that I will be here for a while, I have started considering buying some plants here. Last weekend, I got a Calibrachoa Hybrid.

The Calibrachoa Hybrid, is an evergreen short-lived perennial. Here’s a good website with more information about this plant.

Calibrachoa Hybrid
Calibrachoa Hybrid

This plant consists of a lot of dense flowers. My flowers have pink petals and orange centers.

I keep this plant in full sunlight all the time.

The Calibrachoa requires no maintenance at all.

I water it every other day.

I fertilise it every 2 months or when it shows signs of growth.

Here’re some good tools which will help you with your gardening.

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