Books I read in 2023, PC:

Books I read in May & June 2023

Continuing my series, as promised. In this post, I present the books I read in May & June 2023, in sequence.

BookAuthorMy Rating
The Blue UmbrellaRuskin Bond7/10
The Gopi Diaries: Coming HomeSudha Murty8/10
The Gopi Diaries: Finding LoveSudha Murty7/10
The Gopi Diaries: Growing UpSudha Murty8/10
Books I read in May & June 2023

I had an exam in May that I needed to prepare for. I also had guests over for a few days, so I didn’t read anything at all, all May. At the end of May, I started reading The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond. It was a nice sweet story about a little Garhwali girl who lives in the mountains. The only problem with this book was that it was too short.

Next, I moved on to Sudha Murty. I remember reading her books to my daughter when she was small and she had just launched a new book series, so I gave it a go.

The series is about a dog that Murty’s rich family adopts and how life is with him over the years. It was a nice read, although I feel it is targeted more towards children.

In July, my wife gifted me Chowringhee by Sankar, which is about the life of people working and staying at a Hotel in Kolkata. The book reminded me of the book Hotel by Arthur Hailey which I had read when I was young. It was still refreshing to read Chowringhee, as it brings many things new. The ending was too grim, however.

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