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Humans Suck Balls

The more I live & see what’s going on around me, the more I am convinced that we humans suck big time and don’t deserve this planet. Let’s look at why:

Incompatibility with other species

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Do you know that in less than 300 years, humans have already driven 600 plant species to extinction? But that is just plant life which is comparatively resilient. Humans are actively driving between 10,000 to 100,000 animal species to extinction every year.

Incompatibility with other humans

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Humans not only have problems with other species, we also cannot co-exist with other humans. There are currently 56 separate armed conflicts on going on around the world as of May 2024. Just look at thIs map. Except a few specific areas, these conflicts span the entire globe.

Do you know that since record keeping began, there has not been a single moment in history where there was peace everywhere?

We are also killing approx 475,000 of our own every year even outside of wars.

Counter-productive use of resources

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US has sent billions of dollars worth of aid to Palestinians in Gaza. So noble. But on the other hand, US is also the biggest supplier of armaments to Israel which kill the same Palestinians. I mean, what’s the point even? This is so counter productive. Either just kill them or just let them live. Why this game?

Modern buildings cost millions to build. It also takes millions to make missiles which will eventually destroy the building. How counter-productive is all this? Why build something only to build something else to destroy the first thing?

Humans as a whole, spend approx $2.1 Trillion every year on the military, not to protect humans from inter-galactic threats, but to kill other humans. On the other hand, we spend only approx $39 Billion every year on medical research and approx $117 Billion every year on space exploration. Now imagine if humanity worked as a whole and diverted all their resources to work towards a common goal.

I won’t even talk about climate change in detail, because that is a whole new topic in itself. Most of the planet will be uninhabitable in less than a century, but we won’t stop there and are planning to colonise other planets. Who gave us the right? Must be the colonisation behaviour we inherently have. Some cunts even think it is more productive to terraform Mars than to save our own planet.

This behaviour of humans is not even new. We have been the most selfish species ever, for millennia and other species have always suffered from it. Because of this, I think this behaviour is inherent in most humans and humanity as a species is flawed and cannot improve.

So I agree with the character of Ye Wenjie from The Three-Body Problem.

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