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Weird Birthday-2

This year, I had another weird birthday. My last birthday was spent in Bangkok, alone at a hotel. After that, I thought I might never travel to Bangkok again, but coincidentally, not only am I back in Bangkok, I even spent my birthday in the exact same hotel.

The difference was, this time I wasn’t alone, but with family.

Spent the day at IconSiam & bought the Apple Watch braided solo loop as a birthday gift. Overall, a nice upgrade from my last birthday.

Weirdest Birthday Ever

This year, I had the weirdest birthday ever. Normally, my birthday is spent with a close family lunch and a wider family dinner. This year, however, I had to travel to Bangkok for work & since this was my last week in this particular company, I didn’t say no.

I went on the company trip and planned my family to visit me on the weekend before my birthday and stay till the day after my birthday, but because of the Covid-19 situation, their trip had to be cancelled. On top of that, my birthday was a Thai holiday, so I was staring at spending my birthday alone.

I started the day waking up late and having a leisurely breakfast at the hotel.

I saw a couple of movies, and then was surprised by the Hotel staff with a birthday cake. The cake was delicious and heavy, so I skipped lunch.

Weirdest Birthday

In the evening, I took a long walk to Benjakiti Park, took the Skytrain From Asok to Phrom Phong station and spent some time at the Emquartier mall. After roaming round the Glass Quartier, the Waterfall Quartier, I headed for dinner at the Helix Quartier.

The Helix Quartier is a beautifully designed section of the mall. As the name says, it has a gently sloping walkway in the shape of a Helix without a clear distinction between different floors, with restaurants lining both sides of the walkway. I found a nice Korean Organic Chicken and Rice place and had a hearty meal.

Organic Korean Chicken and Rice

After dinner, I went back to the hotel, alone, watched some TV and fell asleep, thus bringing to end, the weirdest birthday ever.

Had a B’Day Blast

My Birthday is finally over. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. It didn’t start off too well. After my mom called up, my friends “celebrated” my birthday if celebration is the right word for it. I was beat up mercilessly for around 20 minutes. Repeated pleas that I was sick fell on deaf ears. While the molecules of their feet was fusing with the molecules of my arse, I couldn’t help but think that I deserved it as I had done the same thing(or maybe more) on their birthdays. After that came the time for gifts. I got 3 t-shirts, a GeForce 6200(256 Mb DDR), A bottle of swedish vodka,greeting cards, a pen, a keyring and several burst blood vessels both on my arms and my back(which I didn’t realise till the next morning). Couldn’t party because I was sick and also because of some communal riots in this city. Anyways, this is the last birthday I am going to get beaten up in and am sure to take revenge on the people whose birthdays are yet to come (You are dead Rohit!!!!!!!)