Had a B’Day Blast

My Birthday is finally over. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. It didn’t start off too well. After my mom called up, my friends “celebrated” my birthday if celebration is the right word for it. I was beat up mercilessly for around 20 minutes. Repeated pleas that I was sick fell on deaf ears. While the molecules of their feet was fusing with the molecules of my arse, I couldn’t help but think that I deserved it as I had done the same thing(or maybe more) on their birthdays. After that came the time for gifts. I got 3 t-shirts, a GeForce 6200(256 Mb DDR), A bottle of swedish vodka,greeting cards, a pen, a keyring and several burst blood vessels both on my arms and my back(which I didn’t realise till the next morning). Couldn’t party because I was sick and also because of some communal riots in this city. Anyways, this is the last birthday I am going to get beaten up in and am sure to take revenge on the people whose birthdays are yet to come (You are dead Rohit!!!!!!!)

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  1. something happened here yesterday. fight between moslems or hindus or moslems with other moslems. I am not sure. Some buses were destroyed in birdie and some autos overturned. I wasn’t there and I have no TV/radio so I don’t know. For details read this http://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=14138632and thishttp://sify.com/news/fullstory.php?id=14138887Last night, the stories circulated were widely exaggerated. The true story is in the links

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