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Home Garden – Plant Wall

I got this expandable plant wall from Amazon. It was relatively cheap and I had an empty wall outside my balcony.

Plant Wall
My Plant Wall

Took me an hour to install, and a quick shopping trip to the nearest nursery to get plants for it.

The top row has 3 Dumbcane plants.

The middle row has 3 Crown of Thorns.

The bottom row has 3 Golden Pothos (A Money plant with light coloured leaves), the middle one also has a Heartleaf Philodendron which is a different variety of money plant with bigger & darker leaves. Also, their tips are a vibrant orange/red before they spout leaves.

All the plants are in partial shade.

All the plants are very low maintenance, but especially the cacti, which require next to no water or maintenance. Still they bloom all year round with pretty little flowers.

I water them all between once a week during peak winters and alternate days during peak summers. For the shrubs, only a few ml at a time.
I fertilise them all once every 2 months.

Next on the list would be to expand it a bit during the summers. Maybe alternate the small and big plants so that the bigger ones get more sunlight.

Here’re some good tools which will help you with your gardening.