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Freaky day

Well, yesterday was one hell of a Sunday. Had to stay home all day because the carpenters were doing their work and then in the evening as they left, it started to rain and we were trapped at home. We were sitting at our balcony and enjoying the rain when we saw a couple in the opposite house on the 3rd floor scooping water with mugs and buckets out of their balcony and throwing it in the streets. Their balcony must have been flooded in the rain and the water must have been entering their room the poor fellows. Well, we were always merciless so we laughed openly at them and their misery.

We were sitting in my room at night with the bottle of Smirnoff mentioned in the previous post and enjoying the booze, the music and the conversation when something hit my bed. Looking down, I saw my roommate’s slipper float down the room, past my bed. The whole room was full of water, ankle deep. Turns out, my roommate had left the water on in the cooler and it had overflown and filled the rear balcony. Since our rear balcony doesn’t have a drainage(Bastard builder), the water had filled the room steadily. On the balcony, the water was even deeper and we concluded that no matter what we did, the water in the room won’t go until the water level in the balcony subsided. We tried various things like soaking the water out, sucking the water out with a pipe but nothing worked. Finally with nothing left to do, me and my roommates set out to scoop the water out with buckets and mugs out into the back. It took us more than half an hour before the water level subsided and we could un-flood the room. By the time the mountain dew got warm and the vodka could not be enjoyed anymore. While scooping the water out, we couldn’t help but talk and laugh about the irony of it all. We don’t plan to apologize to the couple though.

Another thing which I discovered about this place was this new method of Pizza Delivery. If the pizza is to be delivered to the first floor of a house, instead of ringing the bell and going to the first floor, the pizza guy shouts out for the person. The person then comes to the balcony to receive the pizza. The pizza guy then skillfully climbs on to the ground floor wall and hands over the pizza to the guy in the balcony. In the same way, the person hands over the money to the pizza guy. I saw this thing happening in various houses on my street all day and finally caught one of these incidents on my cellphone. Click on the photo to see it full size. Can be the basis of a modern version of Romeo and Juliet.. Heh Heh


One place where you can always find freaks in excess is orkut. Here is one of them.

Calls himself the “Sexiest guy in town”. Well, the question is, if the guy really is the sexiest guy in town, why does he have a photo of Vin Diesel on his profile? Apparently, the guy’s biggest passion is girls. The activity he engages himself in is “Making love”. As usual, the music that he likes is “Rock”. I don’t understand why people think listening to rock would make them look cool. And after that they mention their favorite band as “linik park”. Ha Ha!! Thanks to such freaks, people like us have something(one) to laugh at from time to time.