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Jam, Jam and some more Jam..

Today me and Neeraj met up at the Pratap Nagar CCD and decided to jam out. We got his dilapidated GIVSON from his place and headed out to mine. For more than 5 hours, all we did was wear our fingers out. I was on the lead and he was playing the chords. We played numerous Bryan Adams songs, Eagles(Hotel California, Tequila Sunrise), GNR, Metallica (One, Nothing else matters), Pink Floyd(Another Brick in the Wall, Wish you were here), AC/DC(on acoustic!!!), Scorpions, Nirvana and many more. We discovered that my plucking and his strumming perfectly complemented each other. Is this the beginning of a band?? Maybe.. What we need now is someone on the drums, someone on the bass and some singer.. The first 2 are really hard to find and the few of these that we have seen are much more talented to play with us. So next weekend again, we are gonna let the beer and the music flow.(I hope that the avian flu hadn’t arrived as we could also have enjoyed the taste of Tandoori Chicken) Beer, music and chicken are the clues to the secret of having a great evening!!