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Why I hate shitty Nu-Metal bands..

Firstly, I am not insulting the taste of other people. Other people may like these bands and that’s fine with me. This post is about why I hate these bands(Linkin Park, Lost prophets, POD, Papa Roach, Saliva and many more..)

  1. Too much distortion:- They rarely ever play clean and it pisses me off. For me, a good song is a one with a good balance between distortion and clean. Too much distortion is just noise.
  2. No guitar solos:- These bands rarely have any solos in their songs. And not too much lead either. Only power chords with full distortion. What happened to maiden style solos??
  3. Not much talent:- Take Linkin Park for example. Their live concerts suck. You can’t even hear the guitar. And to top it off, they sell their live in Texas video with the audio of the original songs mixed with the video of the concert which makes it look like they are playing perfectly.
  4. Tie-up with hip-hoppers:- You sing with hip-hoppers and you call yourselves rock bands? You are blemishes on the name of Rock. Go to hell and die LP!!
  5. Plagiarism:- You steal the music from older songs or just remix them and insult the songs. One of the best selling songs of Papa Roach is “Between Angels and Insects”. Little do people know that the music is exactly same as that of Prowler by Maiden.
  6. The rickshaw pullers here play “In the end” on their decks.
  7. Your songs simply suck!!!

It’s sad to see that people call themselves rock fans and listen to bands like the ones listed above but have never heard of Iron Maiden, GnR, Pantera, Oasis, Eagles(except Hotel California) etc.. Real rock and it’s patrons are dwindling away, slowly being replaced by Nu-Metal fans which is really depressing 🙁