Why I hate shitty Nu-Metal bands..

Firstly, I am not insulting the taste of other people. Other people may like these bands and that’s fine with me. This post is about why I hate these bands(Linkin Park, Lost prophets, POD, Papa Roach, Saliva and many more..)

  1. Too much distortion:- They rarely ever play clean and it pisses me off. For me, a good song is a one with a good balance between distortion and clean. Too much distortion is just noise.
  2. No guitar solos:- These bands rarely have any solos in their songs. And not too much lead either. Only power chords with full distortion. What happened to maiden style solos??
  3. Not much talent:- Take Linkin Park for example. Their live concerts suck. You can’t even hear the guitar. And to top it off, they sell their live in Texas video with the audio of the original songs mixed with the video of the concert which makes it look like they are playing perfectly.
  4. Tie-up with hip-hoppers:- You sing with hip-hoppers and you call yourselves rock bands? You are blemishes on the name of Rock. Go to hell and die LP!!
  5. Plagiarism:- You steal the music from older songs or just remix them and insult the songs. One of the best selling songs of Papa Roach is “Between Angels and Insects”. Little do people know that the music is exactly same as that of Prowler by Maiden.
  6. The rickshaw pullers here play “In the end” on their decks.
  7. Your songs simply suck!!!

It’s sad to see that people call themselves rock fans and listen to bands like the ones listed above but have never heard of Iron Maiden, GnR, Pantera, Oasis, Eagles(except Hotel California) etc.. Real rock and it’s patrons are dwindling away, slowly being replaced by Nu-Metal fans which is really depressing 🙁

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18 thoughts on “Why I hate shitty Nu-Metal bands..”

  1. This remixing is very depressing. It sucks to see people listening to remixes without having any knowledge of the original. As for good rock music… it seems to be a thing of the past. Thanks to hip hop. I hear Nagpur people love hip hop and claim to be the best DJ’s. Is DJing that important aspect of music???

  2. miz i dnt think nagpurians even listen to hip hop.. dey jus listen himesh reshammiya.. ya buts its rock has lost its original flavour..

  3. NO!!! You can’t say Himesh Reshmiya is better than hip-hop!! You can’t use the word better with Himesh Reshmiya in the same sentence.. What you should have said was, Hip-hop is worse than even himesh reshmiya..

  4. Ah, I am waiting for some nu-metal faggots to make a post before I tell them some things about reality.

  5. nu-metal sucks man…the lyrics are the worst part…rock songs have beautiful lyrics..but this nu metal thing man..they just yell any crap which only seem to make sense to their fans…

  6. Okay, hip hop is worse than Himesh Reshmiya. Psychorocker, I disagree with you. Nagpurians love hip hop. It’s because they think claiming to love hip hop will make them liberal and cool. They are the most snobbish and impressionable people.

  7. Mo!! How dare you abuse me!!! I am not a nagpurian.. I lived in Chandigarh before. I am here just for my studies for the last 3 years.. I hate nagpurians

  8. artists/bands that play true rock n roll are:-the beatles,the doors,jimi hendrix,creedence clearwater revival,jimi hendrix,led zeppelin,the who,rolling stones,allman brothers,grateful dead,pink floyd,the band,aerosmith,steely dan,the eagles,ufo,free,bad company,journey,styx,doobie brothers,deep purple,black sabbath,jefferson airplane,thin lizzy,grand funk railroad,neil young,crosby stills and nash,zz top,jackson browne,david bowie,rod stewart,van morrison,lou reed,velvet underground,bruce springsteen,the police,sex pistols,the clash,ramones,cheap trick,u2,jeff beck,ac/dc,talking heads,lynyrd skynyrd,bob seger,rainbow,whitesnake,van halen,james taylor,traffic,eric clapton,cream,steve miller band,tom petty,bob dylan,t-rex,peter frampton,rush,kiss,ozzy osbourne,bonjovi,def leppard,dire straits,jethro tull,george thorogood,blue oyster cult,the beach boys,ted nugent,damn yankees,three dog night,the guess who,prince,santana,fleetwood mac,animals,the yardbirds,hollies,emerson lake palmer,blood sweat tears,the byrds,moody blues,stevie ray vaughan,elton john,elvis costello,queen,oasis,neil diamond,foreigner,bread,america,joe cocker,frank zappa,the kinks………….that’s what i can think of now.i’m sure there are plenty more.please lemme know if i’ve missed out……sameer.

  9. wooahh!!! I don’t think I have heard even 1/3rd of the bands you have mentioned here… You are a walking encyclopaedia of rock!

  10. Hmm… You all seem to realy hate nu-metal bands…fine! I tink it is your own opinion and I wouldnt argue. And de guy hu made de post is a rocker himself so he must feel that dese new metal bands hav betrayed the original rock Gods by either remixin or stealin deir muzic and not doin justice to it… fine, all fine… but de ting is that each age has its own kinda muzic and bands like POD and Papa Roach have fit themselves into this new cult of metal… and no one is sayin you guys (and gals) hav to listen to dem…you can stay in the Age of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath (no offence… I myself am an Iron Maiden fan) and play that muzic… Good for a place like India… Yaa… last but probably not de least… Bands lik Linkin Park hav made western muzic poplular in India… dont u find it gr8 that even a Rickshaw has In De End being played in it instead of Himesh reshamiya or dat anoying bombay Rockers’ Ari Ari!?:D

  11. JuMetal consists of “RAWWWRR IMA FUCK YOU UP IMA FUCK YOU UP MOTHERFUCKER” and shitty electronics. It sucks and is a disgrace to metal. even more than metalcore is.

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