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Famous Trannies

These are some people who I suspect are trannies disguised as women living a normal life in our society. Coincidentally they are all disguised as women. Here are a few of them.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

She looks like a man and even has a man’s name. Word has it her parents were confused when she was born whether she was a man or a woman so named her Jamie. She tried her best to show off her body throughout her acting career but she still looks like a man.

2. Mayawati

She is so damn ugly and so disgusting to look at, even if she were to go around as a man, she would have been considered disgusting.

3. Hillary Clinton

Don’t know why a smart guy like Bill Clinton married this sorry looking hag but he surely found useful resources elsewhere(read:Monica Lewinsky). Because of here genes, even their kids look awful.

4. Fergie

Even though this Black Eyed Piss singer has stuffed silicon and adipose all over her body, one can easily see through it all that she is in fact, a man. Maybe gay.

5. Golden Brooks

This model is not even very famous but sure looks like a tranny.

6. Billy Joe Armstrong

This greenday singer looks like an unpopular college girl and even wears Kohl around her eyes to emphasize the fact

7. Karan Johar

Gay or straight, man or woman, he ain’t a normal man for sure

8. The Williams Sisters

I wonder how I could have been such a fool to forget the Williams Sisters(Thanks Crypt). They are the most manly so called females on the face of this earth. Those biceps put my thighs to shame