Famous Trannies

These are some people who I suspect are trannies disguised as women living a normal life in our society. Coincidentally they are all disguised as women. Here are a few of them.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

She looks like a man and even has a man’s name. Word has it her parents were confused when she was born whether she was a man or a woman so named her Jamie. She tried her best to show off her body throughout her acting career but she still looks like a man.

2. Mayawati

She is so damn ugly and so disgusting to look at, even if she were to go around as a man, she would have been considered disgusting.

3. Hillary Clinton

Don’t know why a smart guy like Bill Clinton married this sorry looking hag but he surely found useful resources elsewhere(read:Monica Lewinsky). Because of here genes, even their kids look awful.

4. Fergie

Even though this Black Eyed Piss singer has stuffed silicon and adipose all over her body, one can easily see through it all that she is in fact, a man. Maybe gay.

5. Golden Brooks

This model is not even very famous but sure looks like a tranny.

6. Billy Joe Armstrong

This greenday singer looks like an unpopular college girl and even wears Kohl around her eyes to emphasize the fact

7. Karan Johar

Gay or straight, man or woman, he ain’t a normal man for sure

8. The Williams Sisters

I wonder how I could have been such a fool to forget the Williams Sisters(Thanks Crypt). They are the most manly so called females on the face of this earth. Those biceps put my thighs to shame

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20 thoughts on “Famous Trannies”

  1. billy był ..to znaczy ladny był z niego chłopak,a jak zaczol tak chlać…..————-teraz wygląda jakby za 5 minut miał umierać……

  2. I hope you're not getting enjoyment out of embarrassing these people. If you are I feel sorry for you honestly…..you get pleasure out of others suffering. Show's how corrupt this world is. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if someone took pictures of you and then discussed every little detail that was imperfect. We are all imperfect. You obviously have no idea how hard all of those people could have worked to get where they are now. Maybe they have recently lost someone…you know nothing about their live…..say your mom or dad just died and then someone posts pictures of you online saying look how ugly this person is! Just brightens your day doesn't it? So next time I would appreciate it if you would stop and think before you open your mouth.

  3. Embarrassing these people? Really? You really think that these people are going to read my blog some day and be embarrassed. Suffering? I don't see them suffering because of my post.No harm in a bunch of guys having some fun at no one's expense.Be realistic dude/woman.

  4. Agree, but he does use Kohl around his eyes…The fact that he doesn't have any facial hair doesn't help his cause much either..

  5. Billie Joe wears eyeliner cause hes a punk…. There are thousands of people that do the same, that doesn't make him a woman. And you can still look like a man without facial hair. Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't look like a man either, did you just choose her cause she has short hair? To me, and most likely many others, you just sound ignorant. Why did you feel the need to share your not-so-clever hurtful thoughts with the world?

  6. Just more proof for every one great awesome thing on the internet there are thousands of idiots who feel the unnecessary need to spew their shit in crap blogs. I hope the handful of hits you get each day make it all worth it.

  7. What a crappy useless post by someone who is not intelligent to think of anything better. People like you should be stoned and spitted on.

    1. From your name and from the method of punishment you choose, I am sure you are ab RSS member.

  8. I’m also a trans. You wouldn’t even guess who is gay. Everybody are. All men are. They’d prefer me over a non trans woman any time because I’m so much better than them. And on top of it all, I have a duck.

    1. That is quite nice. I am happy for your vibrant sexual life. What kind of duck do you have? I never had pets.

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