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6 Ugliest Women in Bollywood

Here is a list of 6 of the ugliest bitches in Bollywood(Indian Film Industry). Wonder why people still like them.

  1. Kajol:- She’s plain ugly. She looks like a man. Her lips are a straight line and her smile is the same ways. She has bushy eyebrows and looks disgusting. Why do people like her? That I may never know.
  2. Ekta Kapoor:- She’s so damn ugly. She has a face similar to and as big as a watermelon cut in half. What I hate more than her face is her soaps and her movies. You always have shit smeared on your forehead too.
  3. Gauri Khan:- She is ugly, but earlier she used to be sober so it was fine. But now she dresses up like some Page 3 model and thinks she’s glamorous. She always also applies some oil on her face because it is always oily and shining.
  4. Esha Deol:-She is clearly the result of a careless fling with a rickshawalla(George Bernard Shaw). With a nose that has been dug with her manly fingers and toes, she is the epitome of ugliness. Born with an irrepairable squint and a completely wooden body sans any form of curves, she has also been endowed with the most shrill voice which will drive you crazy to kill a puppy.
  5. Farah Khan:- She’s the fat baby producing machine who likes to insult other people for their singing. Also produces “s” as “f”. So “suck” is “fuck” and “sell” is “fell”
  6. Karan Johar:- She’s stubby and has a very bad hairstyle. Also, she almost looks like a man. Dresses up like one too.