6 Ugliest Women in Bollywood

Here is a list of 6 of the ugliest bitches in Bollywood(Indian Film Industry). Wonder why people still like them.

  1. Kajol:- She’s plain ugly. She looks like a man. Her lips are a straight line and her smile is the same ways. She has bushy eyebrows and looks disgusting. Why do people like her? That I may never know.
  2. Ekta Kapoor:- She’s so damn ugly. She has a face similar to and as big as a watermelon cut in half. What I hate more than her face is her soaps and her movies. You always have shit smeared on your forehead too.
  3. Gauri Khan:- She is ugly, but earlier she used to be sober so it was fine. But now she dresses up like some Page 3 model and thinks she’s glamorous. She always also applies some oil on her face because it is always oily and shining.
  4. Esha Deol:-She is clearly the result of a careless fling with a rickshawalla(George Bernard Shaw). With a nose that has been dug with her manly fingers and toes, she is the epitome of ugliness. Born with an irrepairable squint and a completely wooden body sans any form of curves, she has also been endowed with the most shrill voice which will drive you crazy to kill a puppy.
  5. Farah Khan:- She’s the fat baby producing machine who likes to insult other people for their singing. Also produces “s” as “f”. So “suck” is “fuck” and “sell” is “fell”
  6. Karan Johar:- She’s stubby and has a very bad hairstyle. Also, she almost looks like a man. Dresses up like one too.

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26 thoughts on “6 Ugliest Women in Bollywood”

  1. You are right..It does.. But I am sick!! And my blog has never been that popular..

  2. The title said women, but the last person is a man… But I like your post. It’s very honest and funny. I’m not a fan of bollywood movies. To me, most of the actress have the same, same and same look.

  3. Thanks.. If you have Karan johar, you won’t actually call him a man.. He’s worse than gay.. He’s practically a woman.. Just too ugly..

  4. i dont understand whats appealing about bollywood anyways. asides from it influencing the song brimful of asha.

  5. Well, I would disagree with ScurvyDawg over Karan Johar being a part of this list. Ugly she might be , but Karan Johar is blessed with this amazing feminine charm and maidenly poise that a very few other women in Bollywood posess. keep her out of this list Scurvy !

  6. hi i'm not indian maybe becouse of that i cant think like you i think kareena kapoor is really ugly she's like a monkey (i dont kidding or i dont hate her dont got me wrong her face is really like.) and priyanka chopra is like inflatable woman everything seems like unnatural on her.. She has not grace. And so pucca, hello kitty bad actor(!) in fact i dont want people like coming to modeling in cinema they are attempting to erode acting. Anyway i just wanted say my idea but i really dont understand how you can make mainstream people like these woman?

    1. Omg!!! I feel the same way..she got it from the kapoor khaandaan she belongs too. They all look like monkeys. Pinkishly fair and their eyes!! Karishma kapoor is the uglier monkey whereas kareena is a betr looking monkey! Thank god ranbir got his moms features!

  7. i'm very agree kajol is most ugliest woman in bollywood…because she is damn ugly and her face like a pig and monkey

  8. Karan Johar isn't a lady, stop being so rude. And none of them were even ugly you will never be as pretty as them girls in a billion years!

  9. I so agree, Kajol is soo ugly. But I think Kareena Kapoor is hot, u people r just jeoulous of her,

    1. Her lips are fat and thick and she has froggy eyes…what is there a need to look like her? She is no Elizabeth Taylor!

  10. I so agree, Kajol is soo ugly. But I think Kareena Kapoor is hot, u people r just jeoulous of her,

  11. I so agree, Kajol is soo ugly. But I think Kareena Kapoor is hot, u people r just jeoulous of her,

  12. I so agree, Kajol is soo ugly. But I think Kareena Kapoor is hot, u people r just jeoulous of her,

  13. yes i agree Kareena and Karishma are not btfl at all.but i like Kareena.Kajol is not btfl too

  14. Kareena kapoor is the most ugliest… her attitude is even worse.. Over that she makes ugly faces and expressions.. she survived for so long only due to nepotism.. otherwise no one would care to look at her ugly face..

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