The Holi Hangover!!!

Yesterday was holi, the festival of colors. Woke up early, went to the hostel and had a blast!!! We tore each other’s clothes off and played holi(apply colored powder and paste) till late afternoon. After that came the time for Bhang(local cannabis drink). As I had never had it before, I underestimated it’s intoxicating properties and had 7 glasses straight away. Since it was made in the hostel, it was not properly mixed and I could feel several lumps of Bhang pass my throat but I didn’t give that a second thought. Got my mobile/wallet from Sonal’s cupboard and came home, washed myself as well as I could and went off to sleep. Now whatever happened after this I am not sure but I have tried to piece the story together from the narrations of my friends..
Viggi woke me up a couple of hours after I went to sleep and took me to CCD on his bike. Apparently we had lots of food and coffee there(I don’t remember any of this). We came back and I went off to sleep. I next woke up at 10 in the night and asked Prateek to bring me some food. At this point, I have memory only in flashes of 10 seconds. I was standing in front of the Cupboard and then I had forgotten why.. Standing in front of my house but didn’t know why!!!! I was just drifting in and out of consciousness. Again, I went off to sleep and woke up sometime after 2 at night dying of hunger, found the Biriyani Prateek had got for me and ate it with my bare hands only and then again rolled off to sleep.
Woke up this morning finding everything to be normal. Brushed my teeth, bathed and headed off to the hostel. Midway I confused driving my bike with flying an aeroplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. One minute I seemed to be driving my bike and the next minute, I was having a sensation of free fall. Reached hostel somehow to find the others in a similar situation. We joked around and then I again went to sleep. Came back to the flat in the evening with all the effects of the Bhang gone. Went to dinner with friends a few hours back. As soon as I had started having dinner, I started feeling lightheaded again. Asked viggi to drive my bke and came back home somehow and started writing for the blog. For everyone out there looking for a cheap high for a long time, go for a Bhang(only Rs 15/-(less than half a dollar)) and 2 days of high… I am now going off to sleep just hoping that the effects will be gone by tomorrow and the hangover is not too horrible…

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11 thoughts on “The Holi Hangover!!!”

  1. Wow, that must be one huge trip. Never experienced anything like that. But I’d still prefer Mr. John Daniel’s anyday.

  2. John Daniels? Do you mean Jack Daniels? Oh…Got it. When someone has known him as long as you have… that’s a joke. Whoooo-ah!

  3. You can say that again my friend!! BUt you have got to follow tradition haven’pnqft you???? And by the way I ain’t drinking anything for a month…

  4. hav never had bhang.But things were bad without being drunk for me.I got a great lecture from a pandu(policeman) for throwin balloons at him. 5:32 AM

  5. You threw balloons at a policeman? That’s cool. As for me, I am still in a daze..

  6. Damn.. I just discovered that I had been looking for wrong remedies for my high.. Bhang is not an alcoholic drink.. It’s made from cannabis(marijuana). I hate bhang… I am still under it’s effects..

  7. Though in tech support, Forgot the role of “www” part in my web address… .:-)

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