Thai Cannabis,

The Thai Cannabis Experience

Thai Cannabis has been legal for many months now. However, I never really tried it all this time because I didn’t have the right company. A few weeks ago I bought a joint and smoked it, but didn’t experience anything except the munchies. So I decided to try edibles.

My last experience with cannabis edibles is well documented. Will this be similar? Let’s find out.

So I walked over to a dispensary near my home. The first one I went to didn’t have edibles. The second one did.

Thai Cannabis Store
Thai Cannabis Store

I bought some and went home. I ate some of it while walking home.

Thai Cannabis
Thai Cannabis

At home I started watching Pink Floyd’s Pulse. I was careful not to destroy any expensive electronic equipment this time. After an hour I didn’t feel anything, so I had some more buds. Still, nothing happened so I forgot about it.

I took the dog to the dog park, went out for dinner with family. It was after coming back from dinner that I noticed that things felt strange.

The main thing I remember feeling was as if I was a young kid living with my parents. I experienced the sense of dread I always felt on Sunday nights because there was school on Monday mornings. I was puzzled but I still didn’t connect it to the Thai Cannabis. The second thing I remember feeling was a strange sense of smell in my sinuses. The familiar feeling of nasal congestion (I used to be frequently sick when I was young).

It was when my vision started moving in slow motion that I realised I was high from the Thai Cannabis. I had a rush of feelings in the next half hour. I felt as if I was a kid and had purchased a new toy from the market on Sunday. Then I felt as if I had just watched a South Indian movie (I think Roja or Bombay). I remember sitting on the sofa for what felt like ages but realised only 5 minutes had passed. Then suddenly the clock skipped forward 20 minutes in an instant.

The high also unlocked a repressed memory from years ago. We had gone to Ayan’s Sushant Estate and consumed Bhang on Holi. Nothing happened immediately afterwards, but we got high in the evening and I remember we went to KFC to buy snacks with my father. Somehow I had forgotten about this incident completely and just remembered it after this high.

Soon, I started noticing the geometry of my living room. The angles, how I was seated in relation to the TV, how the TV was angling away from me. Then it felt that the blood going to my head via the neck was rushing like a river. I could feel the blood. Soon I started losing my balance and couldn’t stand straight. While sitting on the sofa, it felt as if the sofa was floating. I panicked and went to bed.

On the bed, it felt as if the bed was moving like a roller coaster. I remember holding on to the side of the bed with my fingernails afraid I will fall off. Bordering on panic, I somehow closed my eyes and forced myself to go to sleep. At 8.

Epic Sleep!
Epic Sleep!

I don’t remember having any special dreams, but I do remember waking up around 3 to take a huge dump. After that went to sleep again and didn’t wake up till 9 in the morning. I remember waking up not drowsy at all, but fresh and ready to go. It looked like it was all over, till I ate breakfast. Half hour after eating, I am high again and writing this post.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this a pleasant experience. I regret wasting so many hours of what remained of my weekend high and asleep. Or perhaps next time I will eat the buds in the morning, so that I am high by afternoon and normal by sleep time.

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