I am ruined!!!

My phone got stolen 2 days ago on Sunday.. I am sad.. 🙁 But the bright part is my roommate’s phone also got stolen 🙂 Mine was an O2 Xphone II and his was a Nokia N-Gage QD. Actually we didn’t have latch on our front door and our door used to be open while we slept. Sunday morning we woke up to find our mobiles gone. I soon reported an FIR with the police and got a new SIM card issued on the same number. This is my second phone to be stolen in the same style so I can’t even tell my parents.. Meanwhile I am using a shitty old Motorola C350 borrowed from a friend but at least it has got a USB modem inbuilt. Now, there’s nothing else to do except mourn watching this. Maybe collect enough money and buy a Nokia 3530 next month(my first color screen phone).

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6 thoughts on “I am ruined!!!”

  1. I doesn’t take a professional thief to steal a phone from a house where people are sleeping and the door is wide open..

  2. The pathetic Nagpur theif didn’t steal anything else? Be sure not to make the same mistake third time.

  3. I have felt the same for An hour or so in my college.But a large scale checking made us catch the thief.The guy had hidden it under his bed in his hostel,which is adjacent our college.

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