Why I haven’t blogged for a long time…

  1. My net connection got deactivated because my phone balance went below 10 rupees(actually zero).
  2. I didn’t have time to visit a cybercafe.
  3. I don’t have money to fuel my bike.
  4. I got a lot of movies at my place which kept me busy.
  5. Also a novel-Angels & Demons(Dan Brown)
  6. Had to complete my files for the submissions coming up.

Hopefully I will recieve my paycheck from my boss(DAD) in a few days and will be able to recharge my mobile again and blog away…

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6 thoughts on “Why I haven’t blogged for a long time…”

  1. i don’t think u have taken too much time to write a new blog.my deepest gratitude for the loss of ur XPHONE 2.how’s ur new set,i think u should add the video which u made after ur set was lost..

  2. I hate you! You are a foe! You are gratified that my phone was stolen? How could you sicko!!!

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