The 6 months are over.. The results are out. And again as usual, I have disgraced my family. Still, my cousins(bloody nerds) are getting good percentages and placements in good companies while I am ruining the family name and cannot get into most interviews because of my percentages not being high enough. I tried analysing why I can’t even respectable grades and came up with the conclusion that my life is terrible disorganized. I don’t study at all, sleep at ungodly hours, wake up mid afternoon, have irregular meals(duh!!! What’s breakfast???), tend to be lazy and skip out on gym, waste oodles of money and watch atleast 2 movies everyday. From now, I am going to make the following ammendments in my life:-

  1. Will sleep before 1 at night and wake up not after 8.
  2. Will have a heavy breakfast before 9.
  3. Will study THOROUGHLY(I tend to sit for hours with the books, just reading through the pages..).
  4. Will practice the guitar atleast 1 hour daily.
  5. Will NOT watch movies except very few and that too only if I have studied satisfactorily.
  6. Will NOT squander money away.
  7. Will NOT miss gym at any cost.
  8. Will NOT go out every evening and waste money on junk food.
  9. Will NOT spend hours on the internet, chatting.

As promised, now I won’t be buying an electric guitar until I get good results. That means more time to spend with ZAP for another 6 months.
Song of the day:-Charlotte the Harlot(Iron Maiden)

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