Sood Sahib!!

This is dedicated to my illustrious roommate Mr. Arpit Sood, or Sood Sahib, or Spidey 2.1 as most of us know him… And also, the third CEO of a multinational bank. This is about all the things that he does (mostly excessively):-
Arey Sood Sahib to bahut:-

  1. Khate hai (Eats a lot)
  2. Style marte hai (Shows a lot of style)
  3. Chillate hai (Shouts a lot)
  4. Uthate hai (Lifts a lot)
  5. Samjhate hai (Makes people understand a lot)
  6. Bolte hai (Talks a lot)
  7. Chidte hai (Gets pissed off a lot)
  8. Pyaar karte hai (Loves a lot)
  9. Ignore marte hai (Ignores people a lot)
  10. Gussa hote hai (Gets angry a lot)
  11. Aur bhi bahut kuch karte hai 😉 (Does a lot of other things)
Sood Sahab during his younger days
Sood Sahab, now, even more illustrious than ever

I would like to thank Sood Sahib to give his humble permission to write this post. God bless him..

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