P.D.A. in Kolkata

(P.D.A = Public Display of Affection)

I don’t know what’s up with this city. But one thing that you will abundantly find in all good quality restaurants is P.D.A. This is because of the high price of hotel rooms in city or because people like to show they have girlfriends, I may never know unless I ask some couple myself. They can be found in all the good restaurants and pubs on Park Street. They sit on the same side of the table and are constantly groping and touching each other. Some even go to the extent of smooching openly.. Atleast spare me of this embarrassment if I am ever sitting with my parents. IS this some way to show that you guys are cool? That you are as open and forward as the Americans & the Europeans? Can’t you just get a fucking hotel room and make out? And not surprisingly most of these couples are teens maybe from school. Explains them being wannabes for sure. Unfortunately, even the only place I like in Kolkata, Someplace Else (Someplace Nice :-*) could not escape the infiltration of these “Lovers”. While I try to enjoy the awesome music, there are always a few couple in the eyesight either groping or the guy grinding his thing on the girl’s ass. Moreover, they request for songs of Shaggy, Daddy Yankee(Who the fuck is he? Who’s daddy is he?) and dance on The Doors & Floyd and spoil the atmosphere. You fucking sexually frustrated creatures, why don’t you just go upstairs and rent a room for the night? Why do you have to brush against me again and again?? Go S.O.D. off!!

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9 thoughts on “P.D.A. in Kolkata”

  1. Unfortunately they cannot because India or Hell either don’t share the concept of a novel Hotel 81 – .Life would be so simple. Who would know better?

  2. Why are you upset about it? Isn’t it a good sign that Indians are shedding their inhibitions and following the west. We badly need a cultural reformation. Even Pakistani youngsters are getting more western than us.

  3. Shedding inhibitions and following the west doesn’t mean having sex in public. It’s not even that.. Groping and touching in public is just gross. Restaurants are meant for eating, not sex. For sex, they have made beds, kitchen counters, dining tables and couches.

  4. LOL..you know what if you think its wrong then either go effing tell em or bloody well look the other way..and dont sound like a frantic under sexed retard…U tok about the Doors mate i think it was Morrisons desire to release sexuality and as far as i remember he went to jail for indecently exposing his dick in a concert..Ever thought ur the one spoiling the atmosphere?

  5. hey deejay! why don’t you go do the same? pop your dick out at a concert?? oh sorry! you don’t have one.. you are a pussy!!

  6. ‘Pussy’ catch me laters when you actually see what those look like..but anyways man cool blog all i’d say is ‘live and let die’ like the beatles..and fighting over here sure feels like the special olympics even if u win ur retarded..:)

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