I feel sleepy.. That would have been a good thing if it was 3’O Clock at night which is the time I generally want to sleep but I can’t. At that time even if I am dead tired, I lay turning on the bed able to doze off only after an hour or so. It’s here in office that sleep beckons to me the most and it’s so tempting that I just want to go grab a bean bag, find a quiet corner and doze off… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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6 thoughts on “Sleep!!”

  1. doode seriously…i also wish i was a big fat cat who does nothing but eat sleep and smash spiders and who also has a generous owner who feeds him dutifully all day long…ummmmmm…kya life hoti…

  2. hmmm dude i ” dooodh ” i can understnd… office is a boring place …. so it sleep it off. the worst would be … u get fired .. u can find a new one.and u cant sleep @ nite … that is a dangerous symtm of … a disease called ” luuuuv ” 😛

  3. don’t you think cryptmaster has started speaking a lot these days?? For me, waking up is as tough as going to sleep

  4. “sexy” mattress ehhh…crypt master sure does know a lot about themmm…sala ummrika jaake bahut sexy sexy karne lag gaya hai…as for the luuuvv bit…i’m sure scurvy aint going to answer that…

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