Lazy bastard 2…

I have indeed been very lazy for the past year. I haven’t been to the gym for more than 10 days, i haven’t really played my guitar. What i’ve done is eaten a lot, drank a lot and wasted money a lot. I have used numerous excuses to myself to explain my laziness. Since most of the reasons stand invalid now, i’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and completely overhaul my life. Even though i perceive rough times ahead…..

6 thoughts on “Lazy bastard 2…”

  1. don’t you find it interesting that Bernie Mac died yesterday, Isac Hayes died today and the two of them along with Samuel L Jackson just made a movie which has yet to be releasedJust a coincidence?and who says that you are wrong, supposedly Issac Hayes died while using a treadmill

  2. hmm Sly …thats no news for me …had it been ” i have been wrking a lot .. doing bull work everyday … i hardly sleep, drink or eat “. blaah blaah …..i expect this from u … ( i mean being lazy ) …. keep it up !!!

  3. Hmm… Another reason to stay away from the gym.. heh heh.. Who wants to die of a heart attack at such a ripe age??..Cryptmaster, shame on you for encouraging your friend to be lazy..

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