Engine failure..

Poor zapeedo, my trusty steed was recently struck down recently in the midst of his prime from a faulty connecting rod and crank. Now it’s at the greedy bloodsucking company service center waiting for a complete engine overhaul. Though it would be gone for a week now, and even after that I wouldn’t be riding it hard for quite some time, I couldn’t resist one last ride of thrill on him.

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4 thoughts on “Engine failure..”

  1. doooodh !!!! sly !!!!u talk like some mechanic … did sardar did that to you !!!! ????and sad dude …. !! wont have ur “ram payari ” for a wk !!

  2. yes man… i am making do with sood sahab’s mule.. i like my bike.. 🙁 i hate my life

  3. hmmmmm…nothing short of disaster for u it seems…but u have the option of riding that platina if dont like sood saab’s mule, dont u??muhauahaaa….but i can understand..i gave my bike for some allignment work recently and it came out of the hero honda workshop wobbling more than ever…its a pity i dont have the time to send my bike for repairs again n again…

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