Amazing Advertisement – Durex

I saw this amazing ad of an apple flavored condom in the newspaper today and thought I just had to put it up here. I applaud the people who thought of the captions. Click on the image to see a bigger version.

“Your turn to seduce her with the forbidden fruit” Ha Ha..
“Next time she’s hungry for love, offer her a heavenly temptation.”

This is creativity at it’s best. Excellent Job!!

8 thoughts on “Amazing Advertisement – Durex”

  1. junkie !!!remember Adam and Eve …Eve ate the apple !!!and humans became mortals after that…. since then apple is reffrd as ” the forbidden fruit “

  2. Heh Heh! How can he remember all that? He was not around back then.. But cryptmaster, after going in america you haven’t just forgotten our mythology, you have even forgotten science. You have forgotten that there were no adam and eve, and we are all products of evolution…

  3. this is a really interesting conversation man…forbidden fruit…evolution…we almost seem to forget the subject of this ad in the midst of all this…hehhee…would have been nice to get an eve’s point of view on all this…

  4. yaahh !!!and SLY !!! i dint forget nything its still intact inside my head !!!! and as for Eve …. idk is she existed or not ….but the forbidden fruit thing comes from that .. u have 2 agree !!!! no 2nd thoughts .and call Eve .. junkie !! ask her the BIG Q ??:P

  5. Hmm.. I guess eve loved suckin on the forbidden fruit.. Even I remember that story dude, was just kidding with ya’ll

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