What is my Hometown?

When I was making a Facebook account recently, it asked me what my Hometown was. I thought about it for a while, but didn’t have an answer. Looks like I have had such a nomadic life, I don’t have a Hometown.

Here’s a list:

1985-1985Bhubaneshwar, Odisha<1 year
1985-1985Kolkata, West Bengal <1 year
1986-1989Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh~3 years
1989-1990Dhani, Madhya Pradesh~1 year
1990-1990Dewas, Madhya Pradesh <1 year
1990-1994Indore, Madhya Pradesh~4 years
1994-1997New Delhi, Delhi~3 years
1997-1998Durgapur, West Bengal~1 year
1998-2002Panchkula, Haryana~4 years
2002-2007Nagpur, Maharashtra~5 years
2007-2008Kolkata, West Bengal~1 year
2008-2021Gurgaon, Haryana~13 years
2021-CurrentBangkok, Thailand
Nomadic Lifestyle
Not my hometown
Sucks, indeed

This list just covers the cities I have lived in. Even within these cities, I have sometimes lived in up to 3 different places. What is my Hometown, then?

Bhubaneshwar, because I was born there, but lived only a few months?

Kolkata, because that’s where my parents are from, but lived only a year?

Gurgaon, where I lived the longest and have my own place but don’t ever plan to return to?

Thankfully, I am off Facebook, so don’t have to answer this question anymore.

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3 thoughts on “What is my Hometown?”

  1. I have thought about this a lot of times too. Esp. so when people down south ask where I am from as part of a general conversation. I end up saying different things depending on who the other person is/where he is from/his understanding of general Indian geography/culture etc. I’ve narrowed down my answers to Noida/Delhi/Lucknow/UP now. My list, although not as expansive and perhaps more evenly distributed, goes like this -> Aligarh, UP (84, born, never went back) – Khopoli, MH (84-91) – Khatima, UK (91-96) – Lucknow, UP (96-02) – Nagpur, MH (02-06) – Noida, UP/NCR (06-10) – Hyderabad, AP/TS (10-12) – Bangalore, KA (12-till date). I have a home here now and my kid is probably going to call herself a certified Bangalorean growing up, although she too, like me, was born in a place a paternal grandparents resided at that time. Thankfully, she gets to visit her birth city once in a while. I don’t remember/know anything about Aligarh except the pig faced tempos.

    1. Ha ha you also stayed at Khopoli? My parents also did but I was in college then. Unfortunately I am still nomadic although most probably I would settle in Bengaluru eventually, too.

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