Thai Quirks

I wrote about Thai people before. After living here 7 months now, I present a new & updated collection of Thai quirks; things only Thais do (As far as I know).

Thai quirks
Typical Shrine with Red Pop, PC: Tim in Thailand
  1. Women adding “Ka” or “Na Ka” to the end of every sentence, even in formal communication.
  2. Men adding “Krub” to the end of every sentence, even in formal communication.
  3. It is very common for Thai women to marry visiting European/American men. I know countless such cases personally. However, the opposite (with Thai men & foreign women) is not common.
  4. Unquestionable devotion to The Monarchy.
  5. Most Thai women (can and do) drink a lot.
  6. Submissive nature.
  7. Never being under foreign occupation.
  8. Calling the building manager as “Juristic Person”.
  9. Having religious shrines in front of every office, mall or residential building with coloured fizzy drinks.
  10. Being an Asian powerhouse despite so many military coups & lack of an elected government over the years.
  11. Rarely cooking food at home. Most meals are from outside. Some Thai homes don’t even have a proper kitchen.
  12. Hosting prostitution so openly, while it being technically illegal.

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