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Pathetic Indian Expats

As per Wikipedia, Indians make up the biggest group of expats in the world. Also, Indians seem to be leaving their country in droves. This post is not about Indian expats in general, but about a specific group. This group lies somewhere between migrant labourers and well earning/spending Indian expats and makes up a sizeable chunk of expat Indians.

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This group of Indian expats doesn’t leave their home country to provide a better life to themselves and their families. These Indians want one thing only – To save as much money as possible. Unfortunately, over the years, I have met many such pathetic lowlives.

These Indian Expats

  1. Emigrate to other countries without their families. The idea is they earn in a higher-valued currency and send money back home where the family spends it in a lower-valued Rupee. Is more common among Indian women, as they see it as a way to escape their in-laws.
  2. Work for desi companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys who pay below market standards as per the host country, but more than they pay in India. However, I have also seen such people in more reputable companies earning a decent wage.
  3. Shack-up with roommates in tiny hovels. Some are middle aged, pushing 40, but still share a bed with other lowlives like themselves in tiny apartments. Also, they all start hating each other after some time, but still stick around in the same house. Because cheaping out on money is more important.
    I have shared homes with other guys when I was in/fresh out of college, but never shared the same bed and only once shared the same room. At this age, I would rather sleep in the streets than share a room with other guys.
  4. Are all extremely miserly. Don’t spend money at all, cook all their meals at home themselves.
  5. Frequent (cheap) whorehouses to fulfil their carnal desires.
  6. Spend long hours at work, because there’s more space compared to their rooms.
  7. Assume that just because you’re Indian too, you will drop everything to help them with their work.
  8. Order around and behave rudely with staff at Indian restaurants.
  9. Are universally disliked by the local population and normal expats.
  10. Return to India after saving enough money to buy 2-3 houses and be branded “foreign return”.

Basically executives/managers living lives of labourers. Personally, I keep my distance from such people as much as possible as they depress me.

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8 thoughts on “Pathetic Indian Expats”

  1. My ex-landlord was one such. Lives there with his wife and 2 sons in the US and his sole purpose in life was to pay off the loan on the home he just bought here and rented out to us. Is a slave of his company, hasn’t been able to move of the team he was in, hasn’t got a promotion, still works the same ungodly hours that desi engineers onsite are expected to after having more than 15 years of experience, has visited India twice in 7 years.

    Only difference being he’s a green card holder now and has bought a million dollar house with money saved using his scrooge-y ways. I despise him to the core. Fucker wanted me to paint his house with premium paint after us having lived there for 7 years (that equates to him having kept the 1 lakh rupee deposit for 7 years and earning whatever interest he could from it), and him not offering to have it painted even once himself while we were there.

    Sorry this turned out to be a rant more than a comment. I hate such people too!

    1. At least he was generous enough to take his wife and kids to US.

      The rent situation in Bengalodu is poor, North Indian landlords are much less Scrooge-y. Will paint/repair their houses regularly and not cry for small things. Even return full security deposit in most cases.

  2. Are we in a time warp? Is this 1990? I can’t imagine that somebody can talk like this is in today’s woke age. Just because you are an Indian it doesn’t give you the privilege to slander your own community.

    Born with a silver spoon, parents spent millions on education and you get to vilify people born in poverty. Life is a struggle for an average India which you English speakers don’t want to understand. This is shameful. I am reporting this racist, supremacist, xenophobic post. What a shame!

    Old grandpas like you should retire.

    1. Millions on education? Not by a long shot. The people I talk about are not people born in or living in poverty, they earn good money. Seems you cannot read.

      Who are you reporting this post to? It is my blog. Your cancel culture doesn’t work here. Shoo…

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