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Kolkata – Still the City of Sorrow

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Last weekend, I got the opportunity to visit the city after a span of 2.5 years. Here’re a few things I noticed that have changed and some things that have not

  1. Some signs of development are showing up (2 new Metro Lines)
  2. More cars on the roads
Not Changed:-
  1. The filth still exists everywhere and in greater quantities
  2. People still bathe on the streets
  3. The cars still honk like crazy; driving etiquettes are non-existent
  4. City is still severely polluted, buses still run on cheap Kerosene/Diesel Mix
  5. People are still Lazy, un-friendly & in a state of perpetual anger
  6. Kolkata Airport is the worst airport in the country at the moment

The city has a quality of bringing a lethargic feeling even to high-spirited individuals. I used to leave the place I was staying at to go out multiple times a day, only to feel tired in some time and come back.
I had given some thought to shift there in the past few months (to save on money), but all those thoughts are now gone.

Why Calcutta sucks…

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t find Calcutta the city of joy.. Following are the reasons why:-

  1. The whole city is depressing. As soon as I set foot in the city, a feeling of depression fills me.
  2. The climate sucks. It’s 90% or more humidity 12 months of the year. You sweat almost constantly as long as you are out of an Air-Conditioned room.
  3. City is overcrowded. Too many people and too less space. Poverty is among the highest in India. Again, gives a feeling of depression.
  4. People have a myth that living is cheap in Calcutta. Wake up guys, that was long time ago. A packet of branded detergent costs the same in Calcutta as in Delhi.
  5. People have named it Kolkata. Seriously this name sucks even more than the last one.
  6. Strikes almost everyday. People here just don’t want to work. And no, these strikes are not for serious issues. A rule for registering your pet at the municipal office does not call for 2 days of strikes, burning of banners and breaking of shop windows.
  7. People here have a belief that this is the best city in India when most of them haven’t even set foot outside West Bengal.
  8. Too many intellectuals. People here like to sit at a coffe shop, and talk away for hours deciding on how to improve the country. It would be more productive if they worked somewhere for that much time.
  9. Think people from other places are idiots.
  10. Roads are too crowded. No traffic discipline. To use the public transport system, you have to either be a black belt in some Martial arts or prepare to be hustled around.

That’s about all I can think for now. If I remember anything more, I will put the points in the comments area.