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Why I haven’t blogged for a long time…

  1. My net connection got deactivated because my phone balance went below 10 rupees(actually zero).
  2. I didn’t have time to visit a cybercafe.
  3. I don’t have money to fuel my bike.
  4. I got a lot of movies at my place which kept me busy.
  5. Also a novel-Angels & Demons(Dan Brown)
  6. Had to complete my files for the submissions coming up.

Hopefully I will recieve my paycheck from my boss(DAD) in a few days and will be able to recharge my mobile again and blog away…

My Latest Mobile Phone…

A Motorola C350

No, this is not the picture of my handset, it’s a picture from the website. The theft of my phone had left me penniless so, somehow after conjuring up around 2000 bucks, I went off to the second hand mobile shop to search for a cheap phone with USB Modem capabilities. What I wanted was a samsung C100 but I couldn’t find that in any of the shops so I decided to settle for a Motorola C350. As I had already used my friend’s handset for a week, I knew that it had a decent modem with USB connectivity. Anyways, I have tried to list the Pros and Cons of this wonderful handset(not the original one but the second hand piece that I have) below.

  1. Decent modem with USB pop port.


  1. Pathetic display with huge dots forming up the tiny screen.
  2. Screen conveys a feeling of depression.
  3. 256 color screen.
  4. Pathetic menus.
  5. Disgusting text entry mechanism.
  6. Extremely bad ringtone quality.
  7. Body looks like the handset fell off a moving vehicle and a few trucks ran over it.
  8. Poor battery life.
  9. Crashes whenever some memory operation is performed.
  10. Lack of profiles.
  11. * key of the keypad broken in 3 places.
  12. Switches off automatically
  13. Vibrator louder than the ringtone.
  14. Maximum 2 lines of text on the screen at a time.
  15. After a message has been typed, you have to press atleast another 6 buttons to send it.
  16. Poor phonebook.
  17. Doesnt support picture messages, sms ringtones.

I am ruined!!!

My phone got stolen 2 days ago on Sunday.. I am sad.. 🙁 But the bright part is my roommate’s phone also got stolen 🙂 Mine was an O2 Xphone II and his was a Nokia N-Gage QD. Actually we didn’t have latch on our front door and our door used to be open while we slept. Sunday morning we woke up to find our mobiles gone. I soon reported an FIR with the police and got a new SIM card issued on the same number. This is my second phone to be stolen in the same style so I can’t even tell my parents.. Meanwhile I am using a shitty old Motorola C350 borrowed from a friend but at least it has got a USB modem inbuilt. Now, there’s nothing else to do except mourn watching this. Maybe collect enough money and buy a Nokia 3530 next month(my first color screen phone).

The Holi Hangover!!!

Yesterday was holi, the festival of colors. Woke up early, went to the hostel and had a blast!!! We tore each other’s clothes off and played holi(apply colored powder and paste) till late afternoon. After that came the time for Bhang(local alcoholic drink). As I had never had it before, I underestimated it’s alcoholic properties and had 7 glasses straight away. Since it was made in the hostel, it was not properly mixed and I could feel several lumps of Bhang pass my throat but I didn’t give that a second thought. Got my mobile/wallet from Sonal’s cupboard and came home, washed myself as well as I could and went off to sleep. Now whatever happened after this I am not sure but I have tried to piece the story together from the narrations of my friends..
Viggi woke me up a couple of hours after I went to sleep and took me to CCD on his bike. Apparently we had lots of food and coffee there(I don’t remember any of this). We came back and I went off to sleep. I next woke up at 10 in the night and asked Prateek to bring me some food. At this point, I have memory only in flashes of 10 seconds. I was standing in front of the Cupboard and then I had forgotten why.. Standing in front of my house but didn’t know why!!!! I was just drifting in and out of consciousness. Again, I went off to sleep and woke up sometime after 2 at night dying of hunger, found the Biriyani Prateek had got for me and ate it with my bare hands only and then again rolled off to sleep.
Woke up this morning finding everything to be normal. Brushed my teeth, bathed and headed off to the hostel. Midway I confused driving my bike with flying an aeroplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. One minute I seemed to be driving my bike and the next minute, I was having a sensation of free fall. Reached hostel somehow to find the others in a similar situation. We joked around and then I again went to sleep. Came back to the flat in the evening with all the effects of the Bhang gone. Went to dinner with friends a few hours back. As soon as I had started having dinner, I started feeling lightheaded again. Asked viggi to drive my bke and came back home somehow and started writing for the blog. For everyone out there looking for a cheap high for a long time, go for a Bhang(only Rs 15/-(less than half a dollar)) and 2 days of high… I am now going off to sleep just hoping that the effects will be gone by tomorrow and the hangover is not too horrible…

Look who’s here!!

Is it a bird?
Is it an Airplane???
No!!!! It’s Groong!!!
Hails from Gangtok and studies Architecture in Nagpur.
Dresses up like a hip-hop artist but wields the guitar very well. He is generally nocturnal but sometimes finds it necessary to produce some vitamins and hence exposes himself to sunlight. Eats whenever he feels hungry and spends his allowance within the first 5 days of the month and then lives on borrowed stuff. Bathes whenever fellow hostelites throw him out. Is famous for his wierd haridos and piercings. Disappears for months from the face of the earth, nowhere to be found just to be seen one day in the hostel as if he never left. Overall a friendly and nice person.

What I have been doing..

Basically, I am too busy. The weeks sail forth like a blur. It ain’t that I am too busy to blog but there’s nothing new to blog. Go to college every morning, then come back, rush off to gym, then come back, go out and eat something, play Need for Speed Most Wanted, check my mails, surf around checking my friends’ blogs. Have dinner and then read myself to sleep. Several times during the week, I have to replace my pleasure activities with writing practical files(I write my assignments in class which saves time and saves me from the boring drones of the teachers). Also, there’s always the same feeling of having less money than I need. The book I am currently reading is “To kill a mockinbird”. Excellent book. I will be sorry when I reach the end. Was plannign to go to Bengaluru(Bangalore) to meet a friend but turns out he ain’t a friend, just a fiend full of empty promises so will most probably givin Microsoft Certification exams during holi. Hooked to a great song by Sixpence none the richer-Kiss Me. It’s a cute song, sung by a cute girl and with a cute video. And top of that, the chords are really easy
D Dmaj7 D7 Dmaj7 which is really cute….
Here are the cute lyrics.
Will get back if there’s any news.

The amazing traffic of Nagpur..

I heard that there was some information about the traffic sense of the people of Nagpur circulating around the people of Chandigarh and I thought it necessary to dispel the rumours. I am from Chandigarh and have never seen better roads or driving sense anywhere else in India. Anyways, getting back to the people of Nagpur, I would certainly say that they have great driving sense. But it is a little bit different than the rest of the country. I have tabulated the traffic rules modified especially for the high I.Q. people of Nagpur in the following points:-

  1. Remove any silencers/mufflers from your bikes/cars.
  2. If you are driving slow, drive on the rightmost lane so that people can overtake you from the left.
  3. If you are driving on the wrong side of the road, instead of driving by the side, drive straight through the middle. If it is dark, make sure you do not switch on your headlight.
  4. If you want to turn left, turn the right blinkers ON, start turning right and at the last moment change your mind and turn left thus fooling the ones behind you.
  5. To save your brake shoes from wear, don’t brake at all at a trafic signal. Use the cushioning effect of the vehicle already standing at the signal to stop you. If you are on the vehicle which has been bumped into, utter a few obsenities in Marathi and then ignore the incident as a daily occurence.
  6. While crossing the road, stand by the side of the road till you see some traffic. Wait till the vehicle is a few meters from you and then start crossing the road at a run.
  7. If you are female, disregard everything around you and start crossing the road without straying your eyes from your destination on the opposite side of the road. If you are attentive enough to hear the screeching of vehicles coming to a stop because of you, give them a look as if they deserve death.
  8. If you have already crossed the road, turn back at the last moment so that at least one of the vehicles(only 2-wheelers) hits you head-on. In the unfortunate incident incident that the driver survives, start shouting about how it was the driver’s fault and allow the surrounding people to beat him into a pulp and break his bike. Also ask for compensation.
  9. If you see a poor canine somewhere on the road, try to run over him to liberate him from his painful suffering life.
  10. If you are driving along a road and suddenly see something of interest, brake immediately in the middle of the road. If someone bangs into you from behind, lay all the blame on him.
  11. If you feel the need to park somewhere, disregard the parking places and park in the middle of the road in a way which would cause the maximum traffic disruption.
  12. If you are a pedestrian, throw stones and pebbles at the people driving by.
  13. If some blows his horns at you from behind indicating that he wants to overtake you, move a little to the left to let him come to par with you and then suddenly start moving right slamming into him, testing his reflexes.
  14. If you are on your vehicle, stationary at the side of the road and want to start moving, throw your vehicle in high gear and drive perpendicular to the road swerving widely so as to go as far as the other side of the road before coming back into your own lane.
  15. If you are on a cycle, instead of driving straight, drive in a manner so as to make a figure S on the road touching all the lanes.
  16. If more than one bikes are driving along, drive in echelon formation taking up the whole width of the road and refuse to let people overtake you.
  17. If you want to prove that you are a true Nagpurian, as soon as you pass by some happening place, throw your bike in high gear, roaring past all others, swerving your bike left and right and then brake suddenly burning rubber on the road.

Had a B’Day Blast

My Birthday is finally over. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. It didn’t start off too well. After my mom called up, my friends “celebrated” my birthday if celebration is the right word for it. I was beat up mercilessly for around 20 minutes. Repeated pleas that I was sick fell on deaf ears. While the molecules of their feet was fusing with the molecules of my arse, I couldn’t help but think that I deserved it as I had done the same thing(or maybe more) on their birthdays. After that came the time for gifts. I got 3 t-shirts, a GeForce 6200(256 Mb DDR), A bottle of swedish vodka,greeting cards, a pen, a keyring and several burst blood vessels both on my arms and my back(which I didn’t realise till the next morning). Couldn’t party because I was sick and also because of some communal riots in this city. Anyways, this is the last birthday I am going to get beaten up in and am sure to take revenge on the people whose birthdays are yet to come (You are dead Rohit!!!!!!!)

The standard of Nagpur University

It’s almost 4 years I am studying in this shitty university and recently, this fact came to light. I couldn’t understand how no one noticed this for more than 15 years since the existence of the university. It’s the admission card for the exams. Apparently it’s not an admission card but an “ADDMISSION CARD” as you can see in Exhibit A.
Exhibit A

I cannot understand how a university, which holds examinations for all the subjects in english does not know basic spelling skills. As you can see in the next exhibit(Exhibit B), the basic rules for the examinations are in Marathi. How the hell are the students who don’t understand this so called “prestigious language” who make up almost 70% of the college crowd supposed to understand what’s written??
Exhibit B

I forgot to mention that girls and boys are alotted separate roll numbers so that they don’t sit together and hence spoil the culture of the great state…

Arrange the following…

One day I got an sms asking me to arrange the following in order of their importance in my life.
God, Friends, Parents, Love, Money, Sex. So here you are:-

  1. Parents
  2. Friends
  3. Love
  4. Money
  5. Sex

God ain’t on my list because I refuse to add somethin on the list which doesn’t exist. I would be obliged if you would arrange them according to your choice in the comments section..