Bye Bye Korn…



Though I didn’t like you that much, I didn’t mind listening to your music occassionally. But like Linkin Park, you have betrayed the community of rock by teaming up with hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg and LL Cool J. I refuse to allow your poster to be on my wall from now on. Will donate it to viggi most probably. By the way, I need some good poster to fill up the blank space on the wall. Don’t get any posters in Nagpur so will search for some when I get home.


Just when I thought that I was doomed, my luck changed abruptly for the better. We went and pleaded with the service centre guy and convinced him to overlook the evidence of water/vodka in the motherboard and replace it under warranty. Anyways, he seemed like a nice guy because he agreed and will replace the motherboard for free.. As for me, I am so happy that I am gonna celebrate tonight… See ya..
Song of the day:-Run to you(Bryan Adams)

Pink Floyd+Vodka=Disaster (I am screwed big time…)

Seemed like the perfect evening. Pink Floyd Pulse concert on DVD on my friend’s laptop. Me and my friend were having Fuel Vodka. Pink Floyd music and Vodka really combined have a really interesting effect. Couple with that the spectacular Visual Effects and the Psychedelic nature of the music and your head will surely start reeling. Anyways, We watched the whole concert when “Comfortably Numb” started playing. Eager to show off my guitaring skills, as I could play that song well, I picked up my guitar from the bed and accidentally hit over the vodka glass lying on the table and spilled vodka all over the laptop. Dried it off the best we could at that time but in the morning it won’t turn ON, so we took it to the service centre. Seems that the motherboard is shot to hell and I have to get a new one. A new HP laptop motherboard costs around 35,000 and I have to pay that so I am screwed. Don’t know where to arrange so much money. Meanwhile I am really depressed while I look for ways to arrange the money.. 🙁

Times of India sucks

Times of India used to be one of my favorite newspapers till recently. Now I am beginning to hate it. Why?? The answer is simple. There’s more gossip than news. I don’t want to pay even 140 bucks per month to see the same news headlines everyday: Angelina Jolie sleeping with Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt breaking up with Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie going to Africa, Angelina Jolie popping out her baby in a tub full of water, Angelina Jolie naming her baby Africa. When there’s no news of her, then it’s news of Tom Cruise or Kate Moss or some other B-Rated actor. The editor should understand, that the readers for this newspaper does not solely consist of bored housewives looking for gossip. There are people out there who need some real news too. Meanwhile, I am accepting advice from others as to which newspaper I should subscribe to.
Song of the day:- Welcome Home(Sanitarium)- Metallica

What I have been doing..

Had my sessional examinations whole week. Got free yesterday with high hopes of watching movies to find my motherboard dead. It won’t power ON at all and changing the SMPS didnt help at all. Since most of my next month’s allowance will be gone in paying debts, I don’t think I can get a new one till after my exams. So I am back at reliace shitworld(A cyber cafe with good internet speed and locals playing counter strike and shouting obscenities..) Also, all my hopes of boozing after the exams are crushed as I don’t have any cash left 🙁 and ain’t expecting any till 3rd or 4th. Also, spent up all the fuel in my bike in a drag race with Neeraj. So, now I am just gonna buy some magazines in the next few days and spend time at home reading them. Maybe will also take up membership of a Library to read some novels. Anyways, will blog soon as soon as I fond something to blog about..

My room..

The last post by Grooveguru has prompted me to upload pictures of MY room. The only difference is I don’t plan to clean it up anytime soon(Maybe next semester). In the daytime, I transfer all the junk onto my bed and generally sit on my chair. At night, I transfer all the stuff back to my chair and sleep on the bed. Used to clean it up before but whatever I did, the room swiftly got back to it’s original condition. So now I have given up trying to clean it. After a time period, the room tends to attain a state of equilibrium where the size of the piles remain constant. New stuff is added to the piles but some old stuff keeps getting lost at the same rate thus maintaining the equilibrium. The last picture is of the kitchen(The maid is missing for 2 days now..). The sink is black because of the soot that got deposited when we converted it into a fireplace by burning most of the junk last winter.


The 6 months are over.. The results are out. And again as usual, I have disgraced my family. Still, my cousins(bloody nerds) are getting good percentages and placements in good companies while I am ruining the family name and cannot get into most interviews because of my percentages not being high enough. I tried analysing why I can’t even respectable grades and came up with the conclusion that my life is terrible disorganized. I don’t study at all, sleep at ungodly hours, wake up mid afternoon, have irregular meals(duh!!! What’s breakfast???), tend to be lazy and skip out on gym, waste oodles of money and watch atleast 2 movies everyday. From now, I am going to make the following ammendments in my life:-

  1. Will sleep before 1 at night and wake up not after 8.
  2. Will have a heavy breakfast before 9.
  3. Will study THOROUGHLY(I tend to sit for hours with the books, just reading through the pages..).
  4. Will practice the guitar atleast 1 hour daily.
  5. Will NOT watch movies except very few and that too only if I have studied satisfactorily.
  6. Will NOT squander money away.
  7. Will NOT miss gym at any cost.
  8. Will NOT go out every evening and waste money on junk food.
  9. Will NOT spend hours on the internet, chatting.

As promised, now I won’t be buying an electric guitar until I get good results. That means more time to spend with ZAP for another 6 months.
Song of the day:-Charlotte the Harlot(Iron Maiden)

Why Calcutta sucks…

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t find Calcutta the city of joy.. Following are the reasons why:-

  1. The whole city is depressing. As soon as I set foot in the city, a feeling of depression fills me.
  2. The climate sucks. It’s 90% or more humidity 12 months of the year. You sweat almost constantly as long as you are out of an Air-Conditioned room.
  3. City is overcrowded. Too many people and too less space. Poverty is among the highest in India. Again, gives a feeling of depression.
  4. People have a myth that living is cheap in Calcutta. Wake up guys, that was long time ago. A packet of branded detergent costs the same in Calcutta as in Delhi.
  5. People have named it Kolkata. Seriously this name sucks even more than the last one.
  6. Strikes almost everyday. People here just don’t want to work. And no, these strikes are not for serious issues. A rule for registering your pet at the municipal office does not call for 2 days of strikes, burning of banners and breaking of shop windows.
  7. People here have a belief that this is the best city in India when most of them haven’t even set foot outside West Bengal.
  8. Too many intellectuals. People here like to sit at a coffe shop, and talk away for hours deciding on how to improve the country. It would be more productive if they worked somewhere for that much time.
  9. Think people from other places are idiots.
  10. Roads are too crowded. No traffic discipline. To use the public transport system, you have to either be a black belt in some Martial arts or prepare to be hustled around.

That’s about all I can think for now. If I remember anything more, I will put the points in the comments area.

Retired Hurt..

Last Friday, working out my back on the T-bar. Heavy weight. Could feel something giving way. Didn’t notice it then. Now I am grounded with a muscle pull and not able to walk properly. Pain is not much but it has rendered me incapable of sleeping well at night. Slept for only 3 hours last night and had to wake up and go give my internal practical exam in the morning. Have a holiday tomorrow so no tension of waking up early. Was extremely relieved when the doc informed me that it was not a hernia.. Btw, doc has instructed me not to work out for another week or so and even after that to lift heavy weights only while sitting down… Cannot ride my bike because using the kick sends shrapnels of pain up my bones. Hope to be better by next morning atleast.
Song of the day:-2 Minutes to Midnight(Iron Maiden)

Why I hate shitty Nu-Metal bands..

Firstly, I am not insulting the taste of other people. Other people may like these bands and that’s fine with me. This post is about why I hate these bands(Linkin Park, Lost prophets, POD, Papa Roach, Saliva and many more..)

  1. Too much distortion:- They rarely ever play clean and it pisses me off. For me, a good song is a one with a good balance between distortion and clean. Too much distortion is just noise.
  2. No guitar solos:- These bands rarely have any solos in their songs. And not too much lead either. Only power chords with full distortion. What happened to maiden style solos??
  3. Not much talent:- Take Linkin Park for example. Their live concerts suck. You can’t even hear the guitar. And to top it off, they sell their live in Texas video with the audio of the original songs mixed with the video of the concert which makes it look like they are playing perfectly.
  4. Tie-up with hip-hoppers:- You sing with hip-hoppers and you call yourselves rock bands? You are blemishes on the name of Rock. Go to hell and die LP!!
  5. Plagiarism:- You steal the music from older songs or just remix them and insult the songs. One of the best selling songs of Papa Roach is “Between Angels and Insects”. Little do people know that the music is exactly same as that of Prowler by Maiden.
  6. The rickshaw pullers here play “In the end” on their decks.
  7. Your songs simply suck!!!

It’s sad to see that people call themselves rock fans and listen to bands like the ones listed above but have never heard of Iron Maiden, GnR, Pantera, Oasis, Eagles(except Hotel California) etc.. Real rock and it’s patrons are dwindling away, slowly being replaced by Nu-Metal fans which is really depressing 🙁

Earth bound misfit, I