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What I wanted to be..

  1. When I was very small, I wanted to be a doctor so that I could heal people.
  2. In school, between the age of 10 and 12, I wanted to be a cricketer. My idol was Sunil Gavaskar.
  3. Between the ages of 13 and 15, I wanted to be a commercial pilot.
  4. Between the ages of 16 and 17, I wanted to be an astronaut.
  5. In high school, since I was fascinated by physics, I wanted to be a scientist. My idol was Einstein.
  6. In college, I was heavily influenced by Rocky and I wanted to be a boxer. I started jogging, working out heavily and without a change in diet, quickly lost 10 kgs making me look like a stick.
  7. For the last 2 years, I want to be a guitarist for a rock band. My Idol? None other than Kurt Cobain.

Now, slowly as reality sinks in, all those dreams are lost. In this world, just to survive, you have to get a good degree and beg for a job. To be any of the above, you need exceptional skills/the will to study very hard and I have neither of them. It’s better I stick to what I can really do and am good at(Computers).

Why the last few months haven’t been exactly great for me…

  1. The piston of my bike siezed owing to the a jammed oil filter and I had to get a new one.
  2. I had a terrible accident on my friend’s bike and nearly got my head smashed. I still have the scars from that accident.
  3. One of my friends killed himself by hanging and I saw the dreadful sight. That sight lingered in front of my eyes during my exams. My spirits were in the dumps the whole time.
  4. Expecting my spirits to lift at new year, I had to see a terrible accident scene in front of PP’s garage pub.
  5. I travelled back home to Kolkata by sleeper class. Caught fever on the way and shivered the whole way with the chilly wind blowing across me. One of the worst and longest nights ever.
  6. I had to stay in bed for many days till I recovered from the fever/cold.
  7. The joystick of my mobile popped off and I couldn’t find a new one.
  8. The barber cut my hair too short, making me look like a damn cactus.
  9. I was on my way to Nagpur on 25th when the train tracks were blown up by naxalite rebels and I had to run away and come back home by a series of different local trains full of stinky people.

Hope my luck changes by the time my birthday arrives and I enjoy at the concert.I am now going directly to mumbai on 1st.

Studies Block!!

I am suffering from a severe case of studies block!!! I cannot study anymore.. Cannot sit at the table for more than 10 minutes without my thoughts being distracted somewhere else. I have got 7 exams in 10 days and I am gonna get screwed real hard…. I am going down big time…

Bye Bye GPRS!!

I am getting my GPRS deactivated tonight. Firstly it’s too much of a distraction making me flunk my study time and sit on the internet doing nothing. Secondly, my balance is now just 20 bucks and if I don’t stop now, I will be left without incoming calls. Anyways, this is a nice pic I got of my and my roommate’s bike together. The silver one is mine, the black one is my roommates. Both are Royal Enfield 350 cc bikes. Anyways, trying to download all I can today to cope for my lack of internet conenctivity for the next month. Posted by Picasa


Just downloaded and installed a great google software called Hello!(beta of course) It’s basically a way to share your pictures with others. It’s a file sharing solution, messenger bundled into one. Anyways, the reason I got this software was to easily upload photos to my blog. I was desperate to try it out so I upload the comic pic. Anyways, it would be better if google integrated Google Talk with Hello! It would make a great product and would surely beat yahoo and msn(wonder why MSN still doesn’t support offline messaging support). Be back with some new posts and photos. Posted by Picasa


Welcome to my new blog!!! Since the version 2 of my blog was hacked by someone named faisal(I am coming for revenge), I have decided that maintaining my own domain was too much of a hassle. So I decided to join my friend grooveguru on blogspot. Let’s hope my luck with blogspot will be better than in v.1 and v.2!!